Minutes of the Termly General Meeting – May 14th 2020

Minutes for Churchill College MCR TGM

Date: 14th May 2020

Location: Zoom



Present: 10 MCR Members

Apologies: Meena, James

Not present:

Agreement of Minutes:

The TGM Minutes from January 22nd were agreed by all members.

Matters Arising from the Minutes:

Committee Updates


We were able to house ALL students in the housing ballot this year which was very exciting

Most committees are not being held due to COVID19 but keep your eyes open for new events.


No real news, if you have receipts I will process them ASAP.



Bar Secretary:

The bar is closed….

Academic Officer:

Chu Talks still need people to come


Yoga has really good attendance, welfare tea was not well attended (only jack and elre were there…)

First Year Reps

Eurovision is happening this Saturday.

Matters for Discussion:

Gender Expression Fund

Idea is to have a welfare fund in the MCR so Transgender and Non-Binary people can claim travel expenses or receipts for items that they might need to properly express themselves. This will be 150GBP per year and the motion will go through CCRFC in the future.

The document can be found here.


A comment was made to attend/give a chu Talk in the future because they have not been well attended.