Minutes of the Termly General Meeting Michaelmas 2019

Minutes for Churchill College MCR TGM

Date: 24th October, 7:30pm

Location: Sandy Ashmore Room



Present: 25

Apologies: Nick Barber, Ashleigh Jugan, Zuheir bin Zaidon

Not present: Benjamin Ashbridge

Agreement of Minutes:

The EGM Minutes from October 17th were agreed by all members.

Matters Arising from the Minutes:

No matters arose from the minutes.

Committee Updates


Everyone was sent an email about bins, because it costs college a lot of money to sort it out. If you are here over Christmas let us all know because we are keen on getting events over christmas and having a community for people who are here over the term.


Nick had no updates.


No updates

Bar Treasurer:

There is a rota

External Social Secretary:

Formals lined up

Matters for Discussion:

Mentioned that we want to add the Churchill College MCR to the “Open Letter to Trinity Hall Following the Re-Appointment of Dr. Hutchinson” found https://docs.google.com/document/d/198nfD1uSmTBmirtzjci3itOpZbpCtY3_IKu_f3zFGyU/edit

Speeches from new people running for positions, including those who are chosen by process of elimination as the only candidate running for their position.

Internal Social Secretary:

James and Anita are the new internal social secretaries. New people guest nights are super fun and James is super keen to run the guest night. Themes coming soon, thinking of doing holiday events, maybe around Easter and Thanksgiving to get everyone involved, maybe even some MCR JCR events.


Elre Oldewage and Ashleigh Jugan

They were joint green officers in the last year and the one thing they do is look after the MCR greenhouse. We had 15 kilos of zucchini, we had ideas for covering up strawberries so they aren’t eaten. We also ran a plant auction scheme so that people could bring home plants and take care of them. We will be doing more of that next year.

Talay Cheema

There are two parts to the MCR job one is the greenhouse one is about the environment. At the moment it is a critical time to work on sustainability. People who are donors of the college may want to do things that are difficult to carry out and this is the role of the green officer. He wants to use this role to influence the way the college runs things in regards to green things. It is easier to get things done if you are willing to take the lead. As a society we are good at doing small things with small impact, but we are bad at doing the high entry barrier things that require us to make a bigger impact. We are part of the continuum and can make changes by propagating a willingness to change. That is how I see things, and I think many people say things the same way and want to make positive change.

Q: Will you get people more engaged? Yes. We have a Facebook list and mailing page so people know that we exist.

Q: What will you do about meat in college? A former JCR member mentioned that the quality of vegetarian food has improved.

Talay: No specific ideas, but its clear this is a low barrier low impact, so this might be misplaced effort. Effort should be placed on the big long term plans.


Ben: Koby “I’ve been an IT person before I can do that. A coffee machine has buttons, is a machine, and works. So I can do equipment officer”

First Year Representative:

Both want to continue the atmosphere, we want to have an amazing Christmas party so everyone can come.

Q: When is the Christmas party? Before christ

Q: Is there a superbowl party? Yes?

Q: How will you encourage people to come to the MCR? Let people know in advance is helpful. Start with word of mouth, then work from there.


Meena Chakraborty

  1. I have the background and skills necessary to facilitate and publicise events. Co-president of the biology association, volunteer for admissions, lots of publicity knowledge.
  2. I love to work with a team. Great things can happen when a team works together, there are lots of different perspective inputs. For my choir I worked for a team to organize a mattress sale to raise money to go to China.
  3. I think the MCR community is really special, its amazing how 60 countries are represented in the MCR and it would be amazing to bring this community together.

Andrea Martos

Angela read out Andrea’s manifesto.

Q: Part of your role is to engage with Churchill’s publicity team. They are struggling because they don’t have any information about students.

Meena – she knows a way to communicate to hostels, pepperpots, etc so that she can ask them through a form what people are doing. Perhaps when people fill out the form she can communicate this to the Churchill publicity team. Emphasising in the emails that its good for the college, and sometimes its hard to brag about themselves, so perhaps you can submit for your friends.

Computing :

Quinn: Happy to work with computers beep boop beep boop.

Q: Do you know how to work a website? Yes.


Chioma Achi

Bar Secretary:

Andrea Ferlini