Minutes of the Termly General Meeting – Lent 2021

Minutes for Churchill College MCR TGM

Date: 20th January 2021

Location: Zoom





Not present: Nick

Agreement of Minutes:

The TGM Minutes from October 21st 2020 were agreed by all members.

Matters Arising from the Minutes:


Committee Updates

President:  College has agreed to fly the LGBT+ flag for all of February. They are also going to send out a survey about the formal toast “To the queen, to sir winston” because of the negative connotations of Winston Churchill. They also


Secretary: None

Women’s Welfare Officer: JCR “forgot” that they agreed to pay for Yoga. But it has been fixed.

Men’s Welfare Officer: Quiz went really well on Friday.

Families Representative: Xmas party was planned and went really well.

First Year Representative: Please apply for a ChuTalk!

Academic Officer: Plans to bring videos/paper for ChuTalks to make it a bit different. Proposal to postpone the Conference on Everything?

Environment Officer: Sustainability talk from Tom, Head of Estates happening next week.

LGBTQ+ Officer: Not present

Equality and Diversity Officer: Not present

Disability Access officer: Few quiet spaces. Noise level in college was very very high. Going to delay talking about the survey until it is more relevant in a few meetings time.

Internal Social Secretary A bit of external social sec pieces going on. Trinity Oxford want to do some inter-collegiate events.

Bar Treasurer : Its closed

Matters for Discussion:

Hustings for MCR Committee Positions

Executive Roles
President (Sam Turner)
6th year at churchill and men’s welfare officer. The job of president is viewed in two ways. There are great people on the committee who want to do their jobs as they want to do them. The second job is to be the voice of the college authority to be the view of the graduate students. During lockdown and over the course of this year, it will be really important to be there to answer the questions of the college.

Q: How do you propose to maintain inclusivity as president? Particularly, given that we are all sort of working remotely.

A: One thing is “Mental Health Mondays” and it was a good thing to have. If it helps one person then that’s a good thing. The work Rebecca’s been doing polling disabled students is really important. Hopefully new committee members will have more events. The second part of it is Fresher’s week. Last year we were forced to make changes due to COVID some of which were really good, because it made our social events less alcohol-based.

General Secretary (Rebecca Heath)
Currently Disability Access Officer, and last year was first year rep. It is a great opportunity to inform the MCR and represent people in meetings. Communicating with the committee,

Q: Do you think there are better ways than the MCR Gazette to contact people?
A: Really advertise more widely the google calendar. I think a lot of students arent aware of the google calendar. (Richard agrees). I think as an MCR we send a lot of emails and from a lot of students they just get 100s of emails from the MCR and so it is difficult to differentiate between trivial events and important events.

Treasurer (Michaela Taylor-Williams)
Making sure we have funding and its getting used and distributed is my main goal. Making sure that the funding that we use goes forward to keep events running smoothly.

Q: The greatest challenge of this role is that money is spent in a reasonable way. Given that we’ve been in lockdown, we havent been spending enough of our money. How to we avoid losing money in our annual budget because of our under-expenditure over the last year
A: I think explaining to college that we will need funding to have events as soon as lockdown is over and we will need funding to do this. We can also look into spending money

Q: Do you think that paying the people who work behind the bar is a possibility?
A: The baseline answer was no.

Non-Executive Roles
Women’s Welfare Officer (Elre Oldewage)
This year more than ever it was good to know there was a community of people to chat to. Will be here to chat, here to vent, here to rant. Also helped run Freshers.

Men’s Welfare Officer (Ivan Harkins)
From what I’ve understood about the role, being a point of contact for people who want to chat as an independent voice. What I don’t know yet is what the college can offer but will be picking up on that.

Families Representative (Audray Harkins)
This is our second year in Cambridge and we moved into campus in August, and are in the Wolfson flats. We live in the middle of the wolfson flats in Churchill, and there is a lot they need help with and are asking questions about. It is very hard for people with children, especially at this time.

LGBTQ+ Officer (Jack Hughes)
Not present.

Equality and Diversity Officer (Osarenkhoe Ogbeide, Youzheng Ning)
Not present.

Disability Access officer*

Internal Social Secretary (Samin Moghimiasi)
2nd year in Cambridge. The events that happen in Cambridge/College during summer means that we don’t have a lot going on. With the fields and lawns that we have it would be nice to have events over the summer. We have quite a white community in college, so it might be nice to have cultural events to have celebrations that people may attend.

External Social Secretary (Richard Bowen)
My main job will be arranging events with other colleges. Looking most forward to doing formals, and so is looking to do as many of those as we can.

Comment: Could always to a picnic event to make use of our fields. Or a games night where we throw around a football.

Bar Treasurer (Conor Williams)
Ive worked the bar previously.

Q: Do you bank with Barclays
A: No
Response: damn.

Q: Why isn’t the bar open?
A: The people in the Buttery are trained to run a bar and have COVID safety training. If we had COVID safety training it would then be possible to do this, however the MCR bar is a low access place, and not easy to socially distance. A takeaway system will probably be the easiest way to go.
Response: The committee will need to make serious moves to open the bar if we want to do this.

Q: Why is the bar so cold?
A: The heating should be able to be turned on.

Comment: Be mindful that we must run the bar safely, and if we don’t then the bar will get shut down.

Computing Officer*

Equipment Officer*

Communications and Publicity officer*

*For these roles, no one has yet run, please contact mcr-secretary@chu.cam.ac.uk if you, or someone you know, is interested.


None – to all new members of the committee, welcome! And please send mcr-secretary@chu.cam.ac.uk your email and photo for the website.