Minutes of the Termly General Meeting – Michaelmas 2020

Minutes for Churchill College MCR TGM

Date: 21st October 2020

Location: Zoom



Present: 18 MCR Members

Apologies: Richard Bowen

Not present:

Agreement of Minutes:

The TGM Minutes from May 14th 2020 were agreed by all members.

Matters Arising from the Minutes:

There were no matters arising

Committee Updates

President:  Lots of Council meetings, the buttery is being re-done and there are various outdoor socially distant places where people can go and sit outside. There has been work on reducing waste, planting trees, and other sustainable things. There is also a shop now open in the buttery where you can get provisions. CUSU is also advocating for online only supervisions.

Q: What happens to people who are at Churchill but supervise at Jesus for example?

A: This is the problem CUSU is attempting to avoid, by having one stance throughout the university.

The MCR will be opened as a space in the future, and the equipment in that space will not be available for use.

Treasurer: The MCR has a little bit leftover from what we planned to spend for Freshers. As usual, there is the appeal to spend it, because we don’t want to have a surplus. One outstanding reimbursement.

Secretary: If anyone knows of anyone who is still is not on the mailing lists, please send me an email at mcr-secretary@chu.cam.ac.uk

Bar Secretary: The bar is closed. Will follow up with Richard, the initial starting point will be a takeaway bar where you can pick up individual portions of beer/canned drinks.

Academic Officer: Library: We met this Tuesday and there is still capacity for more students to use the library at the moment. Discussions are ongoing as to the College’s contribution towards the University e-book collection. We will be having the first CHUtalk tomorrow and we still have 2 slots unfilled for the term, we need volunteer speakers. Also, will be greatly appreciated if committee members can turn up to CHUtalks and encourage others to do so as well.

Welfare (Freshers Update): Freshers has been almost more well attended than any other freshers before. It is a testament to the events we have been having that there haven’t been so many isolations in the MCR, and that people are generally happy with all the events. Well done to the welfare team and their hard work.

One of the best Family events possible this year thanks to Amila, well done.

Green: The gardening society has had a lot of interest and we were under the impression that the JCR had their own facilities so to that end we are taking inventory and making sure the JCR do their part money-wise. We are also getting in contact with some “keen-beans” from the JCR to see if they can help.

Q: Can someone from college take out food waste

Matters for Discussion:

Hustings for MCR Committee Positions

Academic Officer (Eva Benyei)

Bar Secretary (Andrea Ferlini)

Green Officer (Talay Cheema)

First Year Representative (Bethany Catchpole)

Computing Officer (None)

Equipment Officer (None)

Update Of Rules and Procedures

The new R&P can be found here, and includes the description of Disability Access Officer, Equality and Diversity Officer, and minor edits to gender neutral wording which has not been taken through the last edit of R&P.


For: 16
Against: 0
Abstain: 0

Approval of Interim Equality and Diversity Officers

Youzheng Ning and Osarenkhoe Ogbeide will act as our interim Equality and Diversity Officers

For: 16
Against: 0
Abstain: 0

Approval of Interim Disability Access Officer

Rebecca Heath will act as our interim Disability Access Officer.

For: 16
Against: 0
Abstain: 0

Notice of online vote to amend the constitution

Please go online in the next 24 hours to vote to amend the constitution to read, “Extraordinary Meetings may not be held during any planned College shutdown period.” This will allow for the MCR to continue to operate, even if there is a point during which the college is shut down, as we had in Easter Term last year.


None – to all new members of the committee, welcome! And please send mcr-secretary@chu.cam.ac.uk your email and photo for the website.