Open Mic Hosted by Churchill and Trinity!

Musicians, poets, dancers, performance painters, acrobats – share your talents!

Brought to you jointly by Churchill College and Trinity College is a night of artistic awesomeness in the Trinity College Bar.  To accommodate those of you who have formals to go to on Friday Nov 29, we won’t start until 9 PM.

There will be amps, mics, and some guitars available to borrow, as well as a drum kit.

Join! Free event for both performers and audience.

It will be very chilled out. Perfect performances are not expected, so don’t worry about performing if you’re rusty or not confident.  It will also be eclectic. We have performances lined up that range from Hebrew poetry to French Canadian rock ‘n roll. What will you bring to the table?

If you want to perform, please email Mike Kang ( and Julien Gagnon ( Let us know:

1. what you’d like to do and for how long (we’re looking at probably ~10-15 minute slots, depending on how many performers we get)

2. what equipment you need, and what you can bring for yourself (it’d be helpful if you had your own)