Panel to the People this Friday 15th June at 7.30pm

Come see Cambridge’s answer to Mock the Week or I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue: Panel to the People is the radio comedy panel show where the audience has the power! Produced  by Improvised Comedy Ents, we’ll be playing favourite panel show games like ISIHAC’s “Sound Charades,” Mock the Week’s “World’s Worst” and Whose Line’s “Sound Effects,” as well as a few of our own mischievous concoction.

Panel to the People is an entirely improvised comedy panel show, meaning you, the audience, fuel the show with your ideas and suggestions! Want to know how to get rid of a poltergeist that’s probably Louis XIII but might be your Uncle Steve wearing a false beard? Intrigued by the prospect of marmoset revolution and specifically whether Zombie Reagan would have any truck with that? Eager to discover what happens if you put Michael Buble in the Large Hadron Collider? If your answer to any of those was even slightly yes, then this is surely the show for you, except, perhaps, for a medium with a penchant for Radio 2 and advanced physics.

Panel to the People: a radio show, but in real life. You can see the people and everything.

When: this Friday 15th June at 7.30pm
Where: Churchill College Music Centre
Cost: FREE!