Powerpoint Karaoke! – 14th November

It may sound like your worst nightmare: you have to give a presentation to a bunch of fellow academics and the presentation that pops up on your screen is – well, what is this topic, really?

“Beetles on the Bottle: Male Bupestrids Mistake Stubbies for Females”

What the f…?

 Thank god this is not a talk that is going to decide on whether you get your degree or not, neither is the audience (unless you’re really fond of beetles).

No, this is going to test your improvisational skills in front of the best audience you can think of: the MCR!

So try yourself out at the very first Powerpoint Karaoke!

(MCR, Monday November 14th, 7:45)

Be part of a very entertaining and challenging experience, giving presentations about things you’ve probably never heard of, trying to make sense of what is on the screen, and hopefully giving yourself and your friends a good laugh (in a good way, because we’re not laughing at you. Maybe.)

 Want to be on the other side as well? Submissions welcome!

Well, if you really feel like a meanie, you can also submit presentations. There are just a few rules to keep in mind while writing up a presentation for someone else who is brave enough to step up and give that talk. These are also good to know for the ones who will give talks, to kind of reassure you that we don’t want to mess around with you in a bad way!

  1. Make it entertaining – It’s not “just another talk”, this should be as much fun as you can get!
  2. Tell no lies – The facts in the presentation have to be real, please don’t make things up.
  3. Keep it simple, but not too simple – The presentation should be academically challenging, but not too difficult to grasp for someone who is not familiar with the topic.
  4. Where did the time go? – Although there are many topics out there that are worth discussing for hours, try to think of about 5-10 minutes when making the presentation / giving the talk.
  5. Organisation: Please send us the presentations until Monday 11am.
  6. Last, but not least: Have fun!