Powerpoint Karoke (Feb 18th, @ 6pm)

Let’s gather for a night of laughs, and entertainment. Join us for Power Point Karoke in the MCR TV room Tomorrow, 18th Feb @ 6pm.

The idea of ppt karoke is simple. 
Person x puts together a bunch of slides (pictures of fruits, or galaxy, or tea etc).  Person x gives the power point a fancy title.

Person y has to present this ppt without knowing what s/he is getting himself into. Ofcourse,  x    y.

If you fancy being person x, send us your powerpoint. If it takes you more than 9 minutes to put it together, you are doing it wrong! (No more than 10 slide/ppt)
If you want to be person y, join us!
If you want to be person z, a spectator,  join us!  (x = z or  x  z)
There will be snacks and drinks for person x,y, and z.
And prize for y(j) > y(1)…y(i) (i  j). 
All this in the MCR TV room @ 6 pm Feb 18th!