Small Grants Applications Under Consideration

The small grant committee is meeting towards the end of this month. If 
you would like to submit an applications, please do this as soon as 

For those of you who don’t know, small grants are made by a Committee 
consisting of the MCR and JCR Presidents, the Bursar, and another 
Fellow. Such grants (up to a maximum of £350) are usually made for 
sports or similar expenses where the student is representing the 
University or playing at national level, or for specific events or 
travel which are related in some way to the student’s College/University 

Applications should be made via the Small grant form attached giving 
details of which team you are playing for and the expenses you are 
incurring, and a signature from the Senior Treasurer verifying the 
amount claimed. A student may only be awarded one grant in each academic 
year. The form should be sent to Sharon Knight.

If you have any queries, more information can be found here 
or get in touch with Sharon knight.