Miscellaneous Information

In this section of the website we collect together some miscellaneous information that may be of use to MCR members:

  • FAQ – All those things you were curious about.
  • Freshers’ Guide – Handy information for new students.
  • Transportation Guide – Advice on getting to and around Cambridge.
  • Cycling in Cambridge – What you need to know about cycling.
  • Equipment – Details of equipment available for use by members of the MCR.
  • Funds request form – Ask for MCR money to organise an event or purchase equipment.
  • Money matters – Information regarding financial matters, in particular sources of funding.
  • Student handbooks – Documents prepared by College that should be read by all students.
  • MCR Goverment – Details of how the MCR is run, and how we interact with College, should you be interested.
  • Recycling – Details of recycling available to those living in College accommodation.

College Links & Contacts

Some miscellaneous helpful pages on the College website:

For several of these, you will need to use your Raven password.

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Further information