MCR Finances

We present the most important information about the MCR finances. Note that this page is not for grants or scholarships, but only for MCR finances managed by the MCR committee. If you are looking for financial support, please follow this link.


MCR can reimburse your expenses for organising an event or doing other good deeds for us. However, before starting such initiatives, please consult with the committee and ask for financing. To apply for a refund follow this link. You will receive an email when your request was processed by MCR treasurer.


  • Can I submit a paper receipt for a refund:
    no – please scan or take a picture of the receipt(s). We no longer collect paper.
  • Can I get my bank transfer on another date:
    yes – but only when the matter is important (eg. large sums of money)
  • Can I get an invoice for bike lights:
  • Can we spend our money differently:
    yes – put your proposal forward to MCR committee

Public access to MCR financial data

From 2014 we are openly publishing our financial reports regarding the money provided by Churchill college. We are committed to have more transparency in our college and are gladly taking this initiative. The document below shows our financial budget plan (not up to date yet!) and the financial transaction list.

State of MCR finances as of 2015-01-27

MCR public finances are in healthy state. College currently owns MCR money for the freshers week events. Under new agreement, we are charging freshers directly to their college accounts, but this takes time to get the money. We are spending money well and should be able to afford: new MCR sports equipment and table games, another academic trip. The internal accounts of MCR are ready for a hand-over to the new committee.