Churchill MCR welfare officers

More about the welfare officer positions: http://mcr.chu.cam.ac.uk/mcr-committee/committee-roles/welfare-officers/

MCR Welfare resources and additional information:

General information

Click on the links below for other sources of information and advice (lists of support groups, useful phone numbers etc)

Other college resources

University resources

LGBT+ resources: https://www.lgbt.cusu.cam.ac.uk/

  • (Public) Churchill MCR LGBT+ Facebook page for events and updates: https://www.facebook.com/churchillcollegemcrlgbt/ (NB: the page title includes “2018/2019”, but this is incorrect and we’re unable to change this)
  • Reporting LGBT+phobia
  • Gay and queer club nights –
    • Glitterbomb @ Vinyl – every Tuesday from 10pm – frequented by students, especially undergrads
    • Dot Cottons @ Fez, first Sat of the month – usually more of a “townie” night
  • Cambridge SU (CUSU) LGBT+
    • Cambridge SU LGBT+ run a parenting scheme (similar to college parents) at the start of Michaelmas each year, which is advertised on their Facebook page prior to the start of term
    • Cambridge SU LGBT+ have a mailing list with LGBT events. To join event listings, email: lgbt-computing@cusu.cam.ac.uk or join online
  • Gay pubs – both now closed, unfortunately. Cambridge used to have the Fleur de Lys (closed 2010) and The Five Bells. Your best bet nowadays is probably in London – try looking around Soho for starters (touristy, but lots going on). Also Brighton – farther away, but well worth the occasional pilgrimage!