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Freshers’ Week 2011

This year’s Freshers’ Week starts on Wednesday 28th September with a pizza night. The first few events are:

Wed 28 September: Early Arrivals’ Pizza Night (from 7pm)
Fri 30 September: Cheese and Wine with College Parents (from 7pm)
Sat 1 October: Hostel Crawl (from 7pm)
Sun 2 October: British TV Comedy (from 7.30pm)

Information for Incoming Students
If you have confirmed your place, you should have received an email about college parents. Feel free to contact them with questions about student life in Cambridge. Our Welfare Officers are also happy to answer any such questions.

Once you’ve arrived in Cambridge, make sure you drop by our common room, the MCR Bar, to introduce yourself and meet other graduate students. There will be people there almost every night.

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