Elections 2023

2023 Committee Elections

On Friday, 17th February, we will have our Termly General Meeting (TGM) at 7 pm in the Jock Colville Hall. This will include Hustings (i.e., elections) for the following positions on the MCR Committee:

  • President*
  • Vice President – General Secretary**
  • Vice President – Treasurer*
  • Women’s Welfare Officer***
  • Men’s Welfare Officer***
  • Families Welfare Officer***
  • LGBTQ+ Welfare Officer***
  • Disability Access Officer***
  • Bar Treasurer***
  • Equality and Diversity Officer***
  • External Social Secretary***
  • Internal Social Secretary***

* These roles are executive roles; only one individual may run for each of these positions and must be a full member of the MCR, i.e., a postgraduate student at Churchill College. The term for these positions will begin at the end of the Lent term.

** This is an executive role; only one individual may run for this position and must be a full member of the MCR, i.e., a postgraduate student at Churchill College. The term for this position will begin immediately after the election concludes.

*** All of these roles can be run for individually, or two people may stand for election together. All postgraduate members can run for any role, and partners who are Associate MCR Members may as well.


If you would like to apply, please send a manifesto to both Michaela (mrt50) and Mairi (mlk26) by 7 pm Thursday, 16th February. At the TGM, you will be asked to make a short statement (30 seconds to a minute) on why you want the position, before all members of the MCR can ask questions. If you are unable to make the TGM, that’s fine, but please inform Michaela and Mairi when you send in your manifesto.

If there is more than one candidate for any position or the position is an executive position, an election will be held on the Cambridge SU system, which will be open from 11 pm on Friday, February 17th, to 11 pm on Sunday, February 19th. Anyone running for the non-executive roles unopposed will be declared to have won the position after the TGM, without the need for a ballot.

For further details, please see the Rules and Procedures of the MCR. If you have questions about the roles, please contact the current representative, Michaela (mrt50), or Mairi (mlk26).