Elections: Lent 2024

2024 Committee Elections

On the 20th February we will have our termly general meeting (TGM) where the committee will provide updates to the MCR community, discuss any issues raised by members, and host hustings to fill the MCR committee positions which are up for election.

For those of you running for a position, please submit your manifesto by Sunday, the 18th at 18:00 to one of the running officers (mcr-president@chu.cam.ac.uk or mcr-lgbt@chu.cam.ac.uk).

The positions that are up for election and the current officers are:

  • President*: Santiago Agui
  • Treasurer Vice-President*: Sarah Robinson
  • General Secretary-Vice President*: Santiago Agui
  • Internal Social Secretary**: Immy Harrison
  • External Social Secretary**: Juliette Dupertuys
  • Bar Treasurer**: Natalie Potter
  • Families’ Representative**: Lily Rubino
  • Men’s Welfare Officer**: Jeremy Wilkinson and Jonathan Bennet
  • Women’s Welfare Officer**: Meghan Plumridge
  • LGBT+ Welfare Officer**: Szymon Berezicki & Alan Sergeevo
  • Equality and Diversity Officer**: Thea Fennell & Josephine Tumwesige
  • Disability Access Officer**: Thea Fennell

* This is an executive role; only one individual may run for this position and must be a full member of the MCR, i.e., a postgraduate student at Churchill College. The term for this position will begin immediately after the election concludes.

**All of these roles can be run for individually, or two people may stand for election together. All postgraduate members can run for any role, and partners who are Associate MCR Members may as well. The term for this position will begin immediately after the election concludes. The committee is a wonderful opportunity for those of you who want to get involved in the running of the social life of the MCR. We plan to make the committee a smoother and calmer system, ensuring that different events are set in advance and the peaks of work are better distributed. The committee is a thriving environment, and we will welcome you with open arms. For further details, please see the Rules and Procedures of the MCR. (This site is continuously updated as new manifestos/nominations come in. Last update: 16 Feb 2024.)