Financial Support

Funding for postgraduate study can come from a range of sources. The University has useful information on fees and funding. During your time at Churchill, there are various sources of additional financial help. The University provides access and hardship funds. College also provides some opportunities for additional funding. More information can be found in the Pink Book.

Conference travel grants

College has a range of funds to support (usually PhD) students’ research-related travel. All you need to do is fill in an application form, which includes all the relevant instructions. You can get up to £300 per academic year for attending conferences and academic meetings. Usually, you will be expected to present some of your work at the funded event.

Hardship funds

If you find yourself in a situation of unforeseen financial hardship, you should contact the Tutor for Advanced Students ( They are the best source of support and information. You may apply for funds administered by the College’s Endowment Grants Committee: you will need to complete an application form and an income and expenditure form. The College has limited funds for this purpose and so help can only be given to those are in difficulty because of an unforeseeable change in circumstances.

Funds for sports, music and other activities

Small grants of up to £300 can be made to support the costs associated with a College or University activity; usually for representing the University in a sporting competition, or for travel expenses needed to attend a particular event, such as a drama tour. Funds for pursuing new ideas outside one’s own field of research or study are also available – and under-used, increasing your chances.

College offers a number of musical bursaries, both vocal and instrumental, which are available to keen musicians.

There is also a programme to encourage the arts in Churchill through the appointments of sizars, who are paid a small bursary to promote music (£250), theatre (£150) or the visual arts (£100) within College. Sizarships are held for one calendar year; applications must be received by Wednesday 26 October 2011.

Sports bursaries and scholarships administered by the University are also available to Cambridge students who compete at a high level.

Southern African Bursary Donation

Churchill and Sidney Sussex support a scheme in which they offer a Bursary to worthy students from South Africa financed also through donations from students. The contribution is £11 per student per year, charged on the Lent and Easter college bills (£5.50 each). Your contribution is highly encouraged (be warned, all students are signed on by default); however, if you would like to opt out, you can do so by emailing the Tutorial Office.