In College we recycle two types of waste:

  1. Paper recycling: All College rooms are equipped with a green bin for waste paper. These will be emptied and collected by Bedders every Wednesday. Students in houses with no Bedder service are required to dispose of their own paper waste using either of the recycling schemes explained below.
  2. Tins, Cans and Glass Recycling: All student kitchens are equipped with a blue bin for disposal of used tins, cans, bottles and jars. Containers need to be rinsed before disposal but they need not be thoroughly cleaned. Please remove corks and lids.

Two schemes are available for recycling:

  1. The College Recycling Scheme: Recycling skips in college are located in two places; one in College near the loading bay behind Housekeeping and one near the Wolfson Flats. Cans, brown glass, green glass, clear glass and paper need to be separated and put into the appropriate skip. Details should be displayed in kitchens.
  2. The Cambridge City Council Recycling Scheme: Each hostel should have its own recycling box into which one can place tins, cans, plastic bottles, glass and paper which will be collected every fortnight. The hostels also have the opportunity to recycle organic waste, which is collected from the green bins outside. Organic waste should not be put in plastic bags in these bins and leftover cooked food does not counts as organic waste for recycling. Posters should be supplied to help with separation. For further details on what to put in each bin can be found on the City Council website.

You can recycle clothes, electrical appliances etc at various recycling points around the city. Batteries can be recycled at the post room or taken to some recycling points around the city.

If you live outside college
Cambridge City Council collects mixed recycling fortnightly in a blue wheelie bin, alternating with general rubbish collections. Many properties also have a green wheelie bin for food and garden waste, which is collected with the blue bin.

If you have questions about recycling, please contact the  Green Officer (; any problems in College accommodation may be addressed to Housekeeping (

Find out more about recycling in Cambridge by following @RecycleforCam on Twitter.