Murder Mystery Formals

Murder Mystery Formals at the Churchill MCR!

The Churchill MCR runs termly murder mysteries which are structured around a formal. Participants are allocated to groups of six for the murder mystery and a character to dress up as. The Dining Hall is decorated according to the theme of the formal and props are placed on each table. Past props include vials of Polyjuice potion, photos of the murder scene and bloodied guns. Over the course of the dinner, information is revealed to participants. At the end of the night, participants vote on the identity of the killer.

We organise entertainment before and after the formal, such as live music, Silent Disco, face painting, and croquet.

Our previous murder mystery events have been very popular.

Selling around 300 tickets each with themes from popular books and movies:

  • Harry Potter
  • James Bond
  • Alice in Wonderland

Some glimpses...