Dark Energy and the Fate of our Universe – Academic Seminar this Wednesday, 18:30

This coming Wednesday will see the first academic seminar of the term! We have a great lineup of speakers for this term, and fittingly the talk this week is on a fascinating topic.

We are having the seminar slightly earlier this week – at18:30 – as there is a foosball competition afterwards :)

The speaker is Sonke Hee, and his title and abstract are:
Dark Energy and the Fate of our Universe
A gentle overview of where modern physics stands on the subject of dark matter and dark energy, looking at how we understand the universe at various different scales as well as in its entirety. The odd equation and scientific result will be interspersed throughout a general discussion about what we currently know and, more importantly, what we don’t.

As always, there will be wine, fruit & cheese afterwards!

MCR Gazette / Michaelmas Week 1

image credit: alexis

Hi everyone,

For those of you who are new to the Churchill MCR, welcome; for those who have been here a while, welcome back! I hope you’ve had a chance to enjoy the freshers’ week events so far – there are still more to come. Additionally, you can check out some of the events around College and Cambridge listed below.

As a reminder, if you have an event you’d like to advertise, or any other MCR-related query or request, feel free to send them my way at mcr-secretary@chu.cam.ac.uk.

Have a good week!


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