Lent TGM & Hustings – updated agenda

Hi everyone,

The updated agenda for the TGM taking place on Tuesday, January 27th at 7:30pm in the Sandy Ashmore room (MCR bar) is as follows:

  1. Confirmation of minutes from Michaelmas 2014 TGM (ChurchillMCRTGM-Michaelmas2014)
  2. Summary of MCR activities (President)
  3. Report on MCR finances (Treasurer)
  4. Hustings for contested positions and executive positions
    1. Executive positions
      1. President
        1. Sonke Hee – Sonke_Hee_president
        2. Zhi Jin – Zhi_Jin_president
      2. Secretary
        1. Luana Fagarasan – Luana_Fagarasan_secretary
        2. Yuhua Guo – Yuhua_Guo_secretary
      3. Treasurer
        1. Christian Hoecker – Christian_Höcker_treasurer
  5. Introduction to new officers
    1. Internal social secretary – Diana Popescu
    2. External social secretary – Karolis Misiunas and KC Raghabendra
    3. Men’s welfare – Philip Mair – Philip_Mair_mens_welfare
    4. Women’s welfare – Clara Tang and Elsa Matthus
    5. Families’ rep – Flaviu Bulat – Flaviu_Bulat_families_rep
    6. Bar treasurer – Vivek Chidambaram and Sami Goussous – Vivek_Chidambaram_and_Sami_Goussous_bar_treasurer
  6. Any other business

This post will be updated as the remaining executive manifestos are received.

We hope to see you all there tomorrow evening!


MCR Gazette / Lent Week 2

churchill_150123Hi everyone,

A friendly reminder that tomorrow night we have our termly general meeting and hustings for this term’s MCR elections! Later this week, College has arranged a showing of the Churchill 2015 documentary on Wednesday, we have a MCR academic seminar on Thursday, and the MCR elections themselves from Wednesday to Friday.

As usual, details of other events and opportunities around College and Cambridge can be found below the cut!


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MCR Gazette / Lent Week 1

Hi everyone,image credit: alexis

This week, we have our refreshers’ games night on Tuesday, the next instalment in our MCR academic seminar series on Thursday, and the Burn’s Night formal on Saturday – lots to look forward to! As always, other events around College and Cambridge are listed below.

Have a great week!


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