The MCR Committee are in charge of organising and administrating much that goes on within the MCR. The Committee plans Freshers’ Week, Guest Nights, the Christmas Party, and other social events; organises academic seminars and the Conference on Everything; runs the bar, and represents the views of the MCR to College through various sub-committees. Please direct any questions or comments to the appropriate committee members listed below.

The Committee holds regular meetings during term. Open meetings are held at least once a term and all are welcome to attend. Also feel free to browse the MCR Constitution or MCR Rules and Procedures, which includes official MCR Committee post descriptions, or look through the minutes of previous open meetings.


Reece McCoy

Vice President - General Secretary

Santi Aguei-Salcedo

Vice President - Treasurer

Kieran Heal

Kieran (Treasurer)

Women's Welfare

Meghan Plumridge

Men's Welfare

Jon Bennett & Jeremy Wilkinson

Families' Welfare

Lily Rubino



Szymon Berezicki & Alan Sergeevo


Internal Social Secretary

Immy Harrison

External Social Secretary

Juliette Dupertuys

First Year Representative

Joshua Weygant

Equality & Diversity

Thea Fennell & Josephine Tumwesige

Disability Access

Thea Fennell



Patience Abugu


Belquis Haider & Sruthi Srinivasan


Communications & Publicity

Imogen Scott


Haritha Jayasinghe


James Hughes

Bar Treasurer

Natalie Potter


Bar Secretaries

Rowan Ong & Julien Roth


Ale & Quail

Jack Hughes

Information and Contact Details

If a person has graduated, their email-address will forward to the executive committee, i.e., the president and the two vice presidents. An exception are welfare roles, which only forward to one member of the executive committee; at the moment, the treasurer.

President (mcr-president@chu): Reece McCoy (he/him)

Vice President – General Secretary (mcr-secretary@chu): Santi Aguei-Salcedo (he/him)

Vice President – Treasurer (mcr-treasurer@chu): Kieran Heal (he/him)

Women’s Welfare Officer (mcr-womenswelfare@chu): Meghan Plumridge (she/her)

Men’s Welfare Officer (mcr-menswelfare@chu): Jonathan Bennett (he/him) and Jeremy Wilkinson (he/him)

Families’ Representative (mcr-families@chu): Lily Rubino (she/her)

LGBT+ Officer (mcr-lgbt@chu): Alan Sergeevo (he/him) and Szymon Berezicki (he/him)

Equality and Diversity Officer (mcr-diversity@chu): Thea Fennell (she/her) and Josephine Tumwesige (she/her)

Disability Access Officer (mcr-access@chu): Thea Fennell (she/her)

Internal Social Secretaries (mcr-socialsecretary@chu): Immy Harrison (she/her)

External Social Secretary (mcr-externalevents@chu): Juliette Dupertuys (she/her)

Bar Secretary (mcr-bar-secretary@chu): Rowan Ong (he/him) and Julien Roth (he/him)

Bar Treasurers (mcr-bar-treasurer@chu):  Natalie Potter (she/her)

Academic Officer (mcr-academic@chu): Belquis Haider (she/her) and Sruthi Srinivasan (she/her)

Green Officers (mcr-green@chu): Patience Abugu (she/her)

First Year Representatives (mcr-firstyearrep@chu): Joshua Weygant (he/him)

Computing Officer (mcr-webmaster@chu): Haritha Jayasinghe (he/him)

Communications and Publicity Officer (mcr-publicity@chu): Imogen Scott (she/her)

Equipment Officer (mcr-equipmentsports@chu): James Hughes (he/him)

Ale and Quail Officers (mcr-alequail@chu):  Jack Hughes (he/him)

Current committee posts updated November 2023

Governing Documents

The government and administration of the MCR is outlined in the Constitution and the Rules and Procedures: