Gazette: Easter week 5

MCR Events

CHUTalk by Andrea Ferlini 

Come join us for the next CHUTalk, on 26th May (Thursday) at 7 pm in the Tizard Room.

Andrea Ferlini will talk about Can Earables Revolutionize Mobile Sensing? Please see the abstract below for more information.

While listening to the fantastic presentation, you can grab a glass of wine and eat some great cheese with crackers. Non-alcoholic drinks and other snacks will be provided as well.

Participation is free, but to help with the organisation of the event, please express your interest to attend via this form. To keep everyone safe, do not attend if you feel unwell or have symptoms of COVID-19.

If you have any questions or are thinking about presenting, feel free to contact me (

See you on Thursday! 


Yoga and Wellbeing Club

The new Yoga Club will be having its first meeting on Thursday 2 June at 7 pm (Jock Coville Hall/Lawn) to discuss which activities will be run (we heard something about Zumba?! and Meditation).

If you are interested join the Yoga Club’s new Facebook group for communications.



Welfare yoga sessions are back on after the break. Come unwind after a day of classes, research, revisions or otherwise as we practise yoga.

Let’s meet at 6pm on Thursday 26th May at Jock Colville Hall to stretch together!


Supervising and Teaching 101

How to teach as a postgraduate student?

Have you ever wondered the best way to teach at the University of Cambridge?
Would you like to do supervisions but don’t know where to apply or how to start?
Are you interested to hear about different paid teaching opportunities?

The MCR and the Senior Tutor will run an event with all the important information: Supervising and Teaching 101. The session will start with a short talk about the main information and then you can join a 1-to-1 chat with the Senior Tutor to find out about relevant details and opportunities.

Tea, coffee, biscuits and cake will be provided.

Who: Current and future students interested in being involved in supervisions and teaching
Time: Saturday 28th May 2 pm
Venue:  Club Room

Participation is free, but please, express your interest here.
In case of any questions, please contact Eva (


Poll for hot desks/computers at Churchill

Churchill library is seeking feedback on the Lloyds Computer Room and how this space might be better used.

Some of the Managed Cluster Service (MCS) computers in the Lloyds Room have been switched off for the past two years to allow for social distancing; they are now deciding how many computer workstations are needed in this space going forward, and looking at what other provision may be useful. One possibility would be to have hot desking space where you can bring your own device and plug into a larger monitor, keyboard and mouse.

If you have any suggestions or comments on this, please email, or fill out this super quick form.


Feedback: Hall Food

The kitchens have made a feedback form so you can submit your thoughts on recent food served in the hall, at formals, or otherwise. It is at the bottom of the college dining page.

This is a great way to influence and let the chefs and servers know your thoughts on food (such as last night’s Korean formal or any other occasion) if you would like similar or different food.


Around the College

CANCELLED: Give me Inspiration!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we regret to announce that our Conversation event with Professor Devi Sridhar has been cancelled. We apologise for any disappointment caused and hope to see you again at one our future events in the series.


Our Master speaks to Parliament about diversity in STEM

On 18 May, Professor Dame Athene Donald presented evidence to a Parliamentary Committee: the Commons Science and Technology Select Committee were taking oral evidence in their enquiry into Diversity and Inclusion in STEM. Our Master writes about the experience and asks what can be done in the face of a society prepared to believe and accept that ‘girls don’t like hard maths’? Click here to read more.


Churchill Connect

Churchill Connect is a special networking platform just for Churchillians.

It works a bit like a cross between Facebook and LinkedIn (you can use it for tracking down/keeping up with friends after you graduate, as well as informal networking and mentoring from alumni), but with no ads and no selling your data to anyone!

This is the website we use particularly to advertise opportunities that we hear about such as internships, and you can also reach out to alumni who have marked themselves as willing to help, in order to get some career-related advice.

You can search for users by degree, industry, company, etc, and message them within the platform to ask for help, perhaps by looking over your CV. Registration is free, join here: Churchill Connect.


Around the University

Impact Intros at The Hauser Forum

Impact Intros @ The Hauser Forum, Wednesday 25 May, 15:30-17:30Pop in and join us for a chat and meet with like-minded people over free coffee and Tom’s Cakes!

Looking to create research impact? If so, why not come and see us at The Hauser Forum for a chance to chat about your research idea over free coffee and cake?!

  • No need to book – simply walk in and we’ll be there to greet you!
  • All questions welcome – no matter what stage you are at, no query is too small

Whether you are new to us and interested to learn how we can help, or have worked with us before, we’ll be ready and waiting to go over any questions you may have.


UCS Self Compassion Workshop: Rescheduled date and time

Due to low registration numbers for the UCS Self Compassion Workshop, the organisers have postponed the one they had arranged and have rescheduled it to:

Wednesday 1 June, 3.00 – 4.40pm

If you are interested in registering for this please do advise them to join by using the link below:

The Easter Term time table is now live for registrations | University Counselling Service (


Other opportunities

Society of Fellows Nominations 2022

The Society of Fellows is now receiving nominations for three-year Junior Fellowships beginning July 1, 2023. Information regarding the purpose and scope of the fellowship and the current rules for its administration can be found on the website. People interested in any field of study are eligible for the fellowship; they should be of the highest caliber of intellectual achievement, i.e. manifesting extraordinary creativity and shaping the future direction of their chosen field.

The deadline for nominations is Friday, August 12thAll nominations must be submitted electronically via the nomination form on the website.

The Society has always sought the best possible candidates at an early stage of their scholarly careers, regardless of their fields. No rigid formula governs our choice, but we expect that candidates will have completed their routine training for advanced study and will be far along in the dissertation stage, able to submit samples of independent work (e.g. articles, papers, dissertation chapters) in support of their candidacies. If pursuing the Ph.D., Junior Fellows should be prepared to finish their degrees within a year of becoming fellows. If already a recipient of the degree, they should not be more than one year past the Ph.D. at the time the fellowship commences. Most Junior Fellows receive the Ph.D. just prior to the start of the fellowship.