Gender Expression Fund

Why was the fund created?

CN: gender dysphoria

Many transgender and non-binary students experience gender dysphoria, a feeling of distress at the perceived disconnection between their gender and their appearance. This can have very negative effects on the welfare and mental health of transgender and non-binary students.

The welfare of transgender and non-binary students can depend quite significantly on being perceived as the gender they identify with, and feeling comfortable with their appearance.

Studies have shown clearly that gender transitions is effective in treating gender dysphoria:

Items of clothing such as binders, concealing underwear, packers, and breast-forms can be necessary for a person’s gender transition. These items are often expensive, and attempting to recreate the effects of them by other means, such as using bandages for binders, can be harmful to the physical wellbeing of a person.

Fund details

The Churchill MCR Gender Expression Fund has been created to reimburse transgender, gender non-conforming and questioning students, with up to £40 per student per academic year. Reimbursements can be claimed for travel expenses in travelling to Gender Identity Clinics for appointments, and for purchases of items to make them more comfortable in their gender presentation, including but not limited to binders, packers, bras and breast-inserts, tucking underwear, wigs, and make-up.

Overall, the fund has been allocated £150, and note that the per-student reimbursement amount may need to be adjusted based on demand, to provide reimbursements to as many students as possible.

The fund is organised by the MCR LGBTQ+ Welfare Officer, who can be contacted for more information, and to claim reimbursements (with itemised receipts, which will be anonymised before sending to the treasurer). (Note that a record needs to be kept by the MCR LGBTQ+ Welfare Officer of the original itemised receipts, for auditing and legal purposes.)

The MCR LGBTQ+ Welfare Officer can be contacted via email ( or anonymously.